Nelson Hardiman is a law firm focused exclusively on healthcare and life sciences. Business clients in California and throughout the U.S. turn to us for market-leading counsel on healthcare transactions, litigation, regulatory compliance, and strategy. Our team delivers on-target results to meet your needs in the complex arena of today’s healthcare laws and regulations.

Ahead of the Competition

Our depth of knowledge on healthcare and life sciences laws and regulations puts us and our clients ahead of the competition. Case by case, through hard-fought victories and favorable resolutions, our litigators have an unmatched reputation fighting for clients in high stakes fraud and abuse cases. Companies from large publicly traded entities to cutting-edge early-stage startups seek our expertise navigating uncharted state and federal regulations. Our advisory opinions “green light” funding of digital health and life sciences ventures. Our counsel drives complex multimillion-dollar healthcare deals.

Unrivaled Experience

Our firm is the largest group of healthcare lawyers in Los Angeles with a national reputation as a dynamic, forward-thinking law firm. Experience the power of our insight into the complex challenges impacting the healthcare industry today.

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