Nelson Hardiman partnered with Health 2.0 for an exclusive panel discussion, gathering thought leaders in the behavioral health and health technology space. During the discussion, the panelists provide their unique perspectives on solutions to the crisis.

Harry Nelson, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Nelson Hardiman and author of The United States of Opioids, moderated the panel. The panelists included Matthew Stoudt, CEO and Co-Founder of appliedVR, Ashley Loeb Blassingame, co-founder of LionRockRecovery, and Dr. Stephen Grinstead, an internationally recognized expert on chronic pain and substance use disorders.

Moderator: Harry Nelson
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Ashley Loeb Blassingame
Facebook & Twitter: @lionrockrecovery
Matthew Stoudt
Facebook & Twitter: @appliedVR
Dr. Stephen Grinstead
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