Co-Founder and Managing Partner Harry Nelson was interviewed by Dr. Josh Luke of The Healthcare Authority Podcast: Dr. Luke’s Waiting Room. Harry discusses with Dr. Luke the reason behind writing his latest book, The United States of Opioids, as well as solutions and strategies for the way out of America’s Opioid Crisis. Harry and Dr. Luke also discuss the controversial debate regarding the repeal of the individual mandate and solutions that would satisfy groups on both party sides.

From the Podcast:

Harry Nelson: The question of: “How do you make people pay something for their health care?” is a good question. I don’t think the Mandate was a terrible idea. By the way, it’s coming back, California is about to vote in a state mandate. So even though we don’t have a federal mandate anymore we’re going to see, I think, other states that are more progressive move toward the mandate.

To me, it doesn’t get to the core question, which is, “How do we get the pricing of healthcare into more of a market reality where we actually get a market pricing of what people can afford?”

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