Hospital acquisitions of physician practices have ebbed and flowed over the years as a result of different economic climates and regulatory environments. This webinar will explore how this area is changing in the face of health care reform as we address the following topics:

  • Current geographic, specialty, and other trends in physician practice acquisitions from the perspective of the hospital and the physician practice;
  • Strategic and business considerations in hospital/physician practice acquisitions; and
  • Legal considerations with hospital-physician practice acquisitions, including operational and reimbursement implications, fraud and abuse considerations, and antitrust issues.

As we work through these topics, there will be a focus on how the different trends, strategic and legal considerations have been impacted by health care and payment reform, including the impact of the Affordable Care Act, various bundled payment initiates, the move toward quality-based and site-neutral payment systems, and the movement toward the enhanced use of electronic health records and technology in the delivery of care.